Monday, May 25, 2009

A "Time Out"

I was so excited to sign up for the Time Out For Women the first weekend in May up in Columbia, SC. A week before the event we find out that Sister Beck the General RS President and 2nd Counselor in the General YW's Presidency were coming Friday night, the first night of the TOFW conference. Of course Friday night was the night I was looking forward to the most. Mark Mabry, the photographer of Reflections of Christ would be speaking Friday evening. I felt this was a decision between to good things. The group of women I bought my tickets w. chose to stay in Augusta and I chose to go up to the conference. Low and behold I hit some traffic and made it just at the end of Mark's presentation. Shoot! Soon after there was a 20 minute break. I brought my book of his images and was hoping he would sign it. I stood in line and just as I was the next in line to have him sign they started to flick the lights-break time was over. I was crushed...I stood there for a little bit longer hoping for some small miracle. I think he just took pity on me but he said "hey, if you move to the side I can sign your book even though the conf. is starting again. Talk about tender mercies from the Lord. Not only did he sign my book, but wrote a nice message, took a picture w. me and even looked @ some of my pictures. Poor guy, bet he wished he hadn't pulled me aside.

I also had a surprise and ran into my friend Anna Sisson. We were stationed with Anna and her family in Germany and Washington. They are now at FT Bragg in NC. I also had a chance to stay w. another friend from Washington, Nikki Trawick. I got to share my story with her and show her the awesome images from the Reflections of Christ book.
If you haven't seen his images or this slideshow w. put to the song Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing by Freddie Ashby you should I think it's amazing.

A little break for me. Great speakers, wonderful music, inspriational thoughts,
uplifting words. Just what I needed. A chance to meet the person who was inspired
to take such breathtaking photos depicting the Savior and his life. Photos that
display such joy and emotion. Pictures that touched my heart and my Spirit, that
inspired me to keep up w. taking pictures and striving to be better.

This was such a nice "time out" for me. Hey and how often do you get to see this: