Monday, January 28, 2008

Break out the tree

The Christmas tree that is. Those were the words Cora exclaimed as she looked out the window this morning and saw our first snowfall of the winter. "It's Christmas again, get out the Christmas tree." And "Santa can come in his sleigh now." Snowfalls are so magical especially if you can experience them through the eyes of your children. We went outside for a winter walk, saw some kids sledding, threw some snow balls, and came inside for some hot chocolate. Brought back a lot of fond memories from my childhood in Maryland as it didn't snow there that frequently either. All in all we had a fun snowy day...and it's supposed to do the same tonight.
I talked to Cora tonight during family home evening about President Hinckley's passing and her eyes got really big and she was surprised...then told me he will be in my heart. I'm so glad she knew him in pictures, learned of him in Primary, and family home evenings and that she has a love for him as well.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

He Will Be Missed

Our dear Prophet President Gordon B. Hinckley passed away this evening at 7pm MST. To say he will be missed is an understatement, but to know that he is reunited with his beloved wife Marjorie brings joy to my heart. I cannot explain how I felt everytime I heard him speak. I am so grateful for his example, his service to all, his love for his wife, and his devotion to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. My life was blessed and infuenced for good because of such a great work that he did on this earth. My condolences to your wonderful family, may they be blessed and comforted at this time. One of my favorite Hymns is "We Thank Thee Oh God For A Prophet". My heart is full of thanks and gratitude for this wonderful man this evening and always.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mr. Golden Sun

How we loved to see the sun this past week. Ok I have to admit while we were in Florida I was a little nervous as I watched the weather forecast before we came back to WA. Clouds and rain listed for everyday in the 10 day forecast. While the weather was chilly this week it was so so nice to have the sun and appreciate just how beautiful Washington is. I even got out and did some yard work and thought to myself it's actually almost warm.
I love when we get glimpes of MT Rainier in the wintertime and this past week I felt really spoiled. It is just so majestic that sometimes to me it doesn't look real. Here is a sunset shot, just try to ignore the power lines and base buildings. Guess I need a better photoshop.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

My Brother, David

I wanted to write this post last month on the 14th of December for my older brother David's birthday. I was at my parents house and the scanner on their computer wasn't working so I decided to hold off until I got home.
I wanted to write about David to let him know I am thinking about him and to keep my memories of him in the forefront of my mind. I also want Cora and Shay to get to know their Uncle too. It has been 6 years since David was in a fatal car accident. It was just a month after Sept. 11th so the date and time frame will forever be etched in my mind. How our family misses him. Especially at family get togethers, holidays, and birthdays. I'm so grateful for his example. We watched him endure 11+years of having cancer and dealing with a brain tumor with countless treatments, chemotherapy, and surgeries. Doing it all with grace, humility, and his positive attitude. David definitely was not perfect..but he showed me how the power of the Atonement changed his life and brought him peace especially dealing with such difficult challenges.
I'm so grateful to have an older brother who still watches over me and our family. My friend Jennifer posted a beautiful message about close knit ties within the family and how when she prayed at the end of her prayer she would have a PS. to her Papa. This hit home to me....because I do that even today with David. We're thinking of you...and miss you.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Big 1-0!

We've hit double digits! Thursday marked 10 months of Darryl's deployment. A big milestone for us as I remember him leaving that 1st day thinking it would be an eternity until we got this far. I know my posts can be so sappy but I remember that day so well as I had to pull over on the side of the road after dropping him off at the Air Base because I couldn't see through my tear filled eyes. To have come this far and still be intact, my kids still alive, and our house not burned down( knock on wood), I'm pretty happy about all of that. ;)
My friend Jodie just hit their 1 year mark for her husbands deployment, so I wish I could have waited 2 more months to post...but I was just so excited for this one. It's been 10 fast Sundays and 2 General conferences since he left. I love using those markers especially conferences because we only have 1 to go and 5 more fast Sundays. Just seems a lot more doable. Already January is more than halfway over and I'm thinking I still have a lot of projects to get finished before he gets home. I better get truckin'. Yay!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

To Each Their Own

Here is our little Cora moving through life with a smile in her heart and ready to tackle a challenge. She was about 18 months here and we were in Florida during Darryl's 1st deployment. This picture is so Cora, full of energy with a zest for life. She's always been our little athlete throwing and hitting balls at such an early age. Already swimming and diving by herself. She loves to play with toy animals and also loves to draw and make pictures. She is always full of questions and makes friends everywhere we go. I love her little personality.

Here is Shay on the same street at about the same age during Darryl's 2nd deployment taken about 3 weeks ago.
Notice she is just strolling along takin' it easy. Shay on the other hand loves to dressup, put necklaces on, play mommy and use the toy kitchen. Not only do they both look so different..Cora with her springy curls and Shay with not even a wave in her hair, their personalities are also very unique to themselves. It's funny how these pictures capture each of them so perfectly. The best part is that even with all of their differences they already love each other so much. different but yet the same.

Here is an ode to my sister as well. We also look very different and have different talents but one thing we know how to do is enjoy the time we spend together...I'm so glad I am so close with my own sister. *She's always been there to lean on. I can only hope Cora and Shay will share a similar relationship. I Love you Lisa.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Goodly Parents

I truly can relate to Nephi when he says he was born of goodly parents. Their faith and example have always been a guide for me. In a special blessing I was given it was said that my parents would be some of my greatest supports in this life and that they have sincerely been. They have helped me during 2 deployments now. Granted the 1st time we stayed longer (actually the whole deployment which doesn't hurt, with them living in Florida ;). During this deployment they allowed the girls and I to come and visit with them while Darryl was on R&R at the end of Oct. and then through the holidays. With this visit there was definitely a variety of different emotions that were felt. Elation in seeing my husband and our daughters seeing their Daddy after 8months apart. The sadness we felt as we watched him go back. Missing him at Thanksgiving, for our birthdays, anniversary, and Christmas. While going through all of these things in just a 2 month period it was so nice to be able to talk to my parents and if need be, cry on their shoulders or get a hug. The most important times spent with them were spent together in the Temple. I'm so grateful for their examples in faithfully atttending the Temple every week. My heart is full of gratitude and love for both of them. Thank You, thank you Mom and Dad. I wish there was a way to say just how grateful we are from the bottom of our pea-pickin' hearts.