Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Another Birthday

So I've heard after your 30th birthday you kind of stop counting how old you are on the ones to follow. So even if I'm not counting any more it still turned out to be a wonderful day. My Dad and I went to the Orlando Temple (I can't think of a better place to be on your birthday) while my mom watched the girls. Talk about peaceful. I had a couple of special birthday emails and phone calls, with an extra long distance call from Darryl in Iraq. He also had flowers delivered. What a sweet guy *bonus points. My sister in law and my nieces and nephew came to have dinner and share some cake. We almost set the house ablaze with all the candles..and somehow I even managed to blow them all out. Guess what my wish was?!? So thank you to everyone who made my day extra special.
* And the best birthday present Darryl gave us both (his bday 4 days before mine). On our Disney cruise at their own island we had open air (in a private cabana)massages. While we were having all of our kinks and knots worked out from a grueling 8 month deployment and 8 months as a single parent, we could look out and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the turquoise pristine water and white sandy beach. A little piece of Heaven. Wish we were there now! Thank you honey...that one scored major bonus points!

Monday, November 26, 2007

It's My Turn

This is kind of a crazy picture I would never normally put on my blog but the main reason it's up because I was tagged a little while ago and wanted to spill some of my personal beans. Thanks for the opportunity April!
So here goes:
1~first of all the picture might say it all. I'm such a goofball. I love to have a fun time and love to laugh. Sometimes it's so funny to look at my blog...I think who is this serious person writing these things and what did she do with Laurie? To see me in action, the 2 people in this world that bring out this personality trait in me the most would be my brother Tim and my sister Lisa. We can find humor in the smallest things and enjoy almost anything. For a good time come and watch Napolean Dynamite w/ me even if you hated it.
2~I love playing sports. I had three athletic brothers in my family, so I grew up playing soccer and also played in high school.
I also played basketball in high school and church ball too, which in all actuality was just as physical as the high school games. I always wanted to play volleyball but it was the same season as soccer :(. I am a wannabe tennis player. I remember every spring in high school playing tennis with friends and we would have our own little wimbledon.
3~I also love to sing. If any of you have seen the movie the Wedding Singer I guess that is secretly what I want to be. I love singing and I can remember when I was little listening to my walkman in bed (ok that dates me) before falling asleep dreaming that I was first singing to my husband at my own reception, and that everyone would want me to sing at their weddings too. Hmm funny now that I type it out.
4~I LOVE food. I kind of have this weird obession about looking at recipe books. They definitely have to have pictures though. I subscribe to a quick cooking magazine and can't wait till it comes in the mail so I can look through all the recipes, and you would think make them....but usually not. Ask me why...maybe because I don't have all the ingredients. If I could be anyone or have anyone's talents it would be Rachel Ray. She is so down to earth and could be your neighbor next door kind of girl...but boy can she whip up a quick meal and make it look so easy.
5~I guess I'm kind of doing the true confessions thing so here is another one similar to the one above. I kind of am a magazine freak. Not at all the Inquierer types of magazines(OK maybe People)...but definitely a little bit of everything else. Womans Day, In Style, Fitness, recipe magazines. I can hardly go thru the checkouts at the grocery store without picking one up and flipping through it. I did find a frugal way to look and not have to buy with my obession...I just go to the library and get my fix every once in a while. Darryl really prefers that choice.
6~I love Holiday cartoons. Yes, it wasn't Cora plopped in front of the TV watching Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving a couple nights ago....that was me. Maybe it reminds me of my childhood and how for pretty much every holiday my Dad made sure we all got our fill of the Peanuts cartoons and other holiday cartoons of the sort. Maybe that's who I get it from. Anyway...I love them all...the Valentines, Easter, The Great Pumpkin, Thanksgiving and Christmas.
7~Last but not least...what else can I say about myself? Ok I pretty much love reality shows with Amazing Race and Survivor being the top 2, actually the only 2 I watch. I would love to try out for either if our situation in life right now would permit (which it doesn't). So maybe in the future when Darryl gets home and we are near family..keep watching you might just see me on Prime Time (making a fool of myself but having lots of fun).
PS~I also love Peter Cetera even if you can only hear him on elevators and easy listening stations now a days. Darryl and I went to his concert w/ the Seattle symphony Orchestra before he left and we were in the 2nd row. Loved it and sang along with almost all the songs. Darryl sang this one to me (pretty discretely though). ; )

I tag anyone on my list of blogs that hasn't done this yet.

Thursday, November 22, 2007


It's hard to believe you've only been in my life for over 10 years now. Seems like you've always been there. Since that first moment when we met when I couldn't help but smile after we were introduced. You have made my life so full. The way you care for people and want to help them. Your childlike faith. Your friendship and love.
I'm glad we were able to celebrate (and eat cake) before you left. Still wanted you to know we are thinking of you today, loving you today, and are so happy to have you in our lives. And by the way you look great for 3_?!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sweetheart!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Happy Thanksgiving!

Just a few things I am most thankful for:

My Testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ
My loving husband
Our sweet Girls
Our good families
Our Health
Our country
wonderful friends

Thanksgiving wish:

*On a side note.. The Thanksgiving holiday
has always held a special place in my heart.
I'm very thankful for Thanksgiving
because back in the year 1974 it fell on the 28th
of November and my mother gave up her
Turkey dinner to deliver "one". (J/K mom).
You and Dad don't make turkeys!


So this is more for me to just get it out there and out of my heart. As a lot of you know Darryl left to go back to Iraq this last Thursday. I've been putting on a brave face for Cora and Shay trying to be strong and not let my sad feelings show. Until today and it hit me as I was washing Darryl's civilian clothes knowing he won't be wearing them again for quite a long time. It also seemed hard that I have his clothes here and yet he is a world away (obviously he doesn't need his fun clothes in Iraq.)
We just heard from him yesterday for the first time since Thurs. and he made it there safely, so that was a relief. While he was home on R & R his whole Brigade moved to Bacraba (sp)? one of, if not the most dangerous spot in Iraq right now. So it made saying goodbye to him even harder on Thursday.
It's definitely hard the 1st time letting him go during a deployment...but then the 2nd time you know what it entails and it's almost harder. The time we spent with Darryl was like a dream. It really did go by too fast. Every moment you try to savor more than the last. When we first met Darryl at the airport to begin his R&R it was of those moments in life when you feel it should definitely have background music like in the movies. In the airport before he left again was one of those moments too...when you wish time would just stand still. Just watching him holding the girls, kissing them it was so hard to hold it together. Then before he was about to board just holding him before we let him go. Nothing around us was important...just our family holding on tight, until a gentleman came up to thank us...thank him for his and our sacrifice. More people in fact had spoken to us while we were waiting with Darryl and it was greatly appreciated. In fact I know it helped Darryl to get back on the plane to go to such a harsh place and continue what he's been doing for the past 8 months. That what he is doing does make a difference to people and that they weren't afraid to tell him.
Some of the things I will miss the most will be the small things like holding his hand. Having him next to me. Being able to hug him. Looking into his eyes. You better believe I took full advantage of his R&R and really
appreciated being able to do all of those things and then telling him that.
Then there was Cora's prayer last night. She blessed the food and started to tell Heavenly Father how grateful she is to have Shay here, Mommy here, Grandma and Grandpa here, and She said Daddy...paused not here, I miss my Daddy and he's in my heart. Jesus loves him in Iraq. Amen. Both my Mother and I had tears streaming down our cheeks. How sweet children are and how tender their hearts.
So anyway I figured I'd get this out of my system before Thanksgiving because we really do have so much to be thankful for.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Disney Cruise to the Bahamas

A-maz-ing! It really was like a dream come true. First of all having Darryl there with us and the whole experience was so much fun. We really didn't want it to end, especially Cora. I was a little ify on the cruise thing since we had never been on one and Cora and myself are prone to motion sickness. We were wondering if this was a disaster waiting to happen. We were really lucky to just miss tropical storm Noel...wouldn't have wanted to see those ocean swells. The service was awesome from our servers right down to our room service people who left animal towels and chocolates on our beds everynight. The Disney shows in the evening were fabulous. I was really impressed. Cora came with Darryl and I while Shay went to Flounders Nursery. Cora was so cute and sang all the princess songs. Darryl was so impressed that she knew so many of the words. (ok-so I admit it, I was singing along too).
The that is something in and of itself. Let's just say if you are on a diet you better have pretty good self control. Ever since I could remember I've wanted to see crystal clear water, the Bahamas delivered. Just beautiful. We loved being together and it was a wonderful way to create some new memories, especially ones to look back on and treasure these next 6 to 7 months until Darryl returns home again.

Thursday, November 1, 2007